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About us

When it comes to dress shirts, the world is saturated with uniformity and abundance. Even most custom sized shirts ultimately look the same. We have recognized that most of us have a common problem, a closet full of dress shirts of which only a few see the light of day anymore. Why?  


The answer.

The answer is that most makers of dress shirts only offer products that are imitations of what others are offering  and only function to help you fit in , but not stand out. We, on the contrary, design shirts with the belief that what you wear should help you stand out, be noticed, and achieve your goals. unction and not on the goal we try to achieve. Clothing has a deep influence in the ways we behave, feel and think and they way we are perceived by others. At Andres Asdemar we are creating a new paradigm for dress shirts: designed to make you stand out from the crowd, for your objectives, and to help succeed at your various purposes in life.

Making Fine Dress Shirts Since 2015.

In business since early 2015, we design, buy the fabric and have the shirts made following strict quality standards in Northern Italy. 


No more sending money down the drain for dress shirts that will end up in a donation center. Spend wisely and wear based on that you want to achieve. Don’t get fooled by marketing smoke and mirrors. Follow your instinct, follow science.

From the right sources.

Our dress shirts are made in collaboration with a friend of ours, Cicia, in his family’s ‘bottega’: they have been in business since 1974. They are located in Bassano Del Grappa, in the Veneto region in Italy. The same area where both Matteo and Milko grew up in. Everything from materials to shirt construction is supplied and manufactured in Italy. Our distinct design does not leave out classical concepts of Italian and English classic tailoring.

The process.

We start from assessing a target goal, then we spend an inordinate amount of time analyzing reliable academic sources and testing  performed by research groups. Finally we spend time from concept to realization to make sure everything is taken into account. Every detail must support the subconscious reaction we are looking for. Fabric must be natural, light, resistant, transpiring. Colors need to match the spirit, and not banal. The high quality of the fabrics will reveal to you in the natural light glowing from them. Buttons and stitches need to endure stress. 


Our Founders

Matteo sets the strategic direction and develops and executes marketing plans. Milko is the mind behind supply chain and operations.

Matteo Toniolo

President & Chief Marketing Officer

Milko Roncato

Ceo & Chief Operating Officer

Why Choose Andres Asdemar

Our brand belongs to our company The Italian Finder LLC, which is registered and operating in the USA and with fiscal representation in Italy, compliant with all norms and regulations at international level. However, you won’t find an Andres Asdemar shop and we don’t have a toll-free number you can call. All of these would ultimately end up in a higher price for you.  We keep our inventory in a small warehouse in Vedelago (Treviso) near Venice. We transfer the value directly to you and really keep a very low margin, most often below 10%. You will always be able to reach out to us, though, at and we will be there for you with personalized support via e-mail , via phone, via chat or even in person when possible.

Scientific research

Looks good or is in fashion is not a good enough reason to buy a dress shirt. What matters is that it delivers to the results you want. We believe in science and not science fiction.

Trust and service

We are open and transparent. Your goal is our goal. We will take care of your needs and try to address any concern.

Top quality fabrics and manufacture Made in Italy

These days you don’t know who to trust anymore. Some companies have their clothing marked as Made in Italy, or in France or in the USA and they are actually made in some remote low cost country. Our dress shirts are 100% Made in Italy the old artisan way with top quality fabrics.

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