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Power up – Second Edition

$149.00 Excluded taxes

Goal: trigger appreciation and respect.

Subconscious triggers:

Recalls military uniforms that have been associated for millennia to power, intellect and sophistication.

Epaulets are associated with rank and victory.

Front pockets are associated with fierceness and command.

Blue is the color of trust. Blue is the color of calm and serenity, and as such inspires security and a feeling of safety.

Darker blues tend to be more somber, heightening the security aspects, which makes them an excellent choice for professionalism.

How to wear it:

Also untucked, goes well with all type of fabrics and apparel.

Best matching colors are gray, purple however any color works well with blue.

Tactile experience:

Slightly rough when just washed. It softens as it is worn.
This is a shirt that looks and feels better and better as it is used and washed multiple times.


Fidel Castro, John Lennon

Other details:

100% linen.
100% Made in Italy.
4 front pockets

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This item is one hard to find. The epaulets are attached to the shoulders, which is associated in our subconscious to the shoulders of our father we would hang on to. They are inviting us to trust and depend on us. We follow as we follow a trusted leader. The four pockets, which are typical of the Guayabera style shirt are ultimately defining the center, the heart of a self supporting self sufficient man. People looking at the man (or woman, why not), wearing this dress shirt  will be attracted by a remarkable sense of trust and control, in one word, POWER.

Regular fit.

Additional information


Solid blue royal color


15, 15.5, 16, 16.5


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