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Turn on – First Edition

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Goal: attract the opposite sex.

Subconscious triggers:

The high open Italian collar is linked to maleness, phallic symbolism;
Red color is the one color that triggers a mating instinct;
Iridescent fabric (purple, red and blue) confuses brain receptors and creates sense of getting lost;
Blue fabric inserts on the sleeves and collar communicate depth, internal core strength;

Fitting is regular but not loose as females are generally attracted by clothing that adhere to the body.

How to wear it:

This shirt fits literally with every type of clothing, from a suit to swimming shorts.
Keep first and second buttons open.

Best matching colors are yellow, white, brown, green, blue, light orange, sand, gray and black.

Tactile experience:

Extremely soft at hand touch.
Enhances the muscular firmness underneath.


Elvis Presley, Roger Moore, Burt Reynolds, Al Pacino

Other details:

double use cuffs.
100% cotton.
100% Made in Italy.

Size guides


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Casual dress shirt.

Regular fit for comfort, however, strategically slimmer to awe-inspire without being too noticeable.

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15, 15.5, 16, 16.5


Plain cardinal red with blue sleeves inside